Seed rust and mysql crud?

Can someone help me making a auth and crud using rust seed for front end and insert data in mysql using rust actix api.

Hi @Naddy706!
Is it an offer for freelancers or do you want some general advice or something else?

its not a offer i want to learn ,
i know the basics of rust and want to get into web development using rust , but its really hard to under stand the framework , i don’t have a react or elm background i am still a student , i know a bit of laravel .

how to get inputs , how to pass parameters ,
how to connect to mysql and do database stuff
i know mysql basics so want to learn it with mysql .

Choose an interesting project you want to work on - I’ll try to write some basic steps how I would build it / learn to build it.

i want to make a blog website for learning purpose .from scratch to deployment
using (seed + actix +diesel=>mysql)
will you help me making a crud and auth so i can start practicing and learning more.

Well, it will take time to learn it all - keep it in mind.

I usually start with frontend, but because you are familiar with some backend servers I would suggest to start with Actix - read official documentation and look at examples The one of these examples is - your goal can be to understand it and then add your blog endpoints.
I recommend to use PostgreSQL instead of MySQL - it looks that it’s more popular in the Rust world and I also prefer Postgre.
That example uses GraphQL instead of REST - it’s a good opportunity to learn it and I’ll maybe write a simple example for Seed how to communicate with GraphQL backend.
Good luck!

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Thank you for the guidance.
I will continue with your suggestions

Note - There is a new GraphQL example (only frontend, connects to the free public endpoint):

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