Seed & Dark lang - RealWorld examples

Dark lang is a new language for writing “deployless” backends (no server management, no build pipelines, etc.). The language looks like Elm mixed with a little bit of Rust. You write your HTTP handlers, DB tables, CRONs and others in their browser editor / IDE (it shows you live values, it’s not possible to write wrong syntax, etc.)

I’ve migrated my RealWorld example to Quickstart with Webpack and written Dark backend for it. The result is MartinKavik/seed-realworld-darklang.

I recommend to write your Seed app first and then build your Dark backend. This way, you can use Trace Driven Development (i.e. you fire a HTTP request from Seed and then create automatically a new HTTP handler in Dark and you can follow live values for implementation). Also strict Rust/Serde helps you with writing Dark HTTP handlers because it shows you problems with endpoint responses.

is there like a playground to play with it? similar to rust playground. not expecting to buidl a full out server. just a simple place to see if my syntax is right and to learn it =>

  • If you want to try Dark lang, join their private beta testing. Mention my username martinkavik to get invitation faster.

Dark is designed to be written in online IDE - so it’s basically much better playground.