Laboratory information management system

This is very helpful. I have a similar question and I know basic Rust but want to develop for a lab basically a database with a simple front end usually to view data and fill forms, basic styling and not something with a lot of users but functional database. Essentially it would be LIMS:

Just getting into it using Diesel, Rocket + Seed but really only because that is the tutorial I found but would love something more up to date or relevant for my needs but that will allow me to learn for bigger projects later.

I have used PostgreSQL and built some scientific basic CLI tools in Rust.

If you have any similar tips for my needs it would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @jarjar and welcome!

view data + fill forms + LIMS are too general requirements for me to recommend an architecture / point you to some examples.
So I suggest to write down a simple specification for a basic “proof of concept” of your app. It allows us to focus on something specific with the real requirements and limitations, it’ll keep you motivated to go through the hard parts and it’s possible that it will be extendable in the future so it should save you some time.
I recommend to create a new empty public (if it’s ok for you) GitHub project and write specification to the README. Then post the link here and we’ll decide what to do next :slight_smile: