Is there a Seed road map?

Hi Martin,

Do you have road map for Seed to reach 1.0 status?

Even a rough idea of how far Seed has to go before 1.0 would be helpful.

See milestones:

It depends on features that you want to use - if Elm-architecture, current quickstarts and Fetch API are enough for you, then we are pretty close to something like Seed 1.0.
But if we decide to release 1.0 once all milestones are resolved, then we’ll need at least some months (it depends mainly on my (+contributors) free time and the number of future sponsors).

Also Seed has some experienced contributors with new good ideas and I try to resolve pains that I encounter while I’m working on Seed apps, so there will be breaking changes and additional new issues in those milestones sooner or later.

So I can’t tell you the exact time and scope of 1.0, but I think it’s already usable for production and breaking changes are often pretty simple to resolve thanks to strict Rust type system.
I write Seed apps and Rust FE/BE libraries as a freelancer so I basically have to continue with improving Seed => Seed isn’t only an experiment and it will be better :slight_smile:

That’s great. I will continue my exploration of Seed/Rust with an expectation to go into production.